Everything seems so ‘harey’…

So,guys,one fortunate Poptropican soul made to the PCB! And his/her name is…Cool Crown. Familiar with that?

And with the tagline: It Could Get “Harey”. 

Wow.So “punny”.

“Poptropican “Cool Crown” sent us this lifelike rendering of our own Dr. Hare. I can’t even tell which one is the drawing and which one’s the plush. The “harey” pun is the icing on the cake.

Thanks, Cool Crown!” – Black Widow

If you want your name in one of those posts,well,I say…GET DRAWING!

~ Mighty Drummer



Hello bloggers, I am Derpy. (; I am now on crazysheep123’s blog! So, you shall see more of me. Um..so…bye! Go Hokies! Image

Little evil genius,little ball of fuzz…

*eye twitches* Don’t mind the title. -.-

The Creators,once again,passed another important milestone on their LEGO CUUSOO Project!Dr.Hare’s Lair finally reaches 6,000 supporters!And they are awarding us this REALLY cute wallpaper:

Cute.Really cute.

There is actually a blue version of this.Pick the size that you desire here:

Computer (green)




Computer (blue)




iPhone/iPod Touch (green)

4th Gen – 640×960

5th Gen – 640×1136

iPhone/iPod Touch (blue)

4th Gen – 640×960

5th Gen – 640×1136

iPad (green)

2nd Gen – 1024×768

3rd Gen – 2048×1536

iPad (blue)

2nd Gen – 1024×768

3rd Gen – 2048×1536

If you haven’t supported it  yet,visit this link: http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/34185

(Note:You must be 13+ to vote.)

Idea Image

Mighty Drummer

Now we get to be the ‘Creators’…

Sorry if I haven’t been posting for while.The computer broke and,well…you understand.

So for the next post,…The Island Creator Kit will be available soon!I know most of you want to make island like the Creators,so be ready and prepare your plot!I still don’t know much about this,but just be ready. 😉

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Island Creator Kit is coming this summer

We’ve got an exciting new book coming your way this summer.

The Island Creator Kit is your step-by-step guide to making a Poptropica Island to call your own. From coming up with a storyline to designing scenes, you’ll be able to make an adventure like no other in the history of Poptropica.

The Island Creator Kit will be available on August 1!

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~ Mighty Drummer



Yippee.I didn’t make it.Again.Well,congratulations to the Non-Member Top 10 finishers!


If you didn’t make it,well,there are more islands to come!Better luck next time!

~Mighty Drummer

Movie Premier…

Back Lot Island is now open for non-members!This island is perfect for those who love movies and want to be artists.

The Hobo

Funny and humorous,this island has lot of references,I heard.Make sure you play this one!I heard it was awesome.If you want,you can make remarks on the Comments Section!

Walkthrough coming soon!

~Mighty Drummer  

The mall needs you!

Night Watch Island walkthrough guide is now available on the Official Tips & Tricks app!If you’re stuck in some part,this thing is just for you!You can download it on your iPad,iPhone or iPod Touch.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Night Watch Island walkthrough guide now available!


Stuck on Night Watch Island? Never fear! Our Official Tips & Tricks app has been updated with a step-by-step guide to help you master the mall. And, like all of the guides on our app, downloading the Night Watch Island guide is absolutely free.

To download for your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, visit the App store.

To download for your Android device, download from Google Play.

The mall needs you! Don’t let it down.

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P.S. I will need authors as soon as I pass at least 20 hits.So get your applications ready!
~Mighty Drummer

One week…ONE WEEK!!!

Good news!Back Lot Island will be open for non-Members in ONE WEEK!How exciting is that?!

The greatest filmmaker of all time has come out of hiding, and he needs your help to make his masterpiece. But will you be producing the next big blockbuster, or is there trouble in tinseltown? From the first frame to the final cut, it’s lights, camera, action!

You can read the article here:

Thursday, April 18, 2013

One week until Back Lot Island opens to everyone

The summer movie season is nearly upon us, but the biggest blockbuster of all isn’t at your local theater. It’s on your computer! Back Lot Island will be available to everyone in one short week.

If you can’t wait that long, Back Lot Island is available right now for Poptropica Members, who also get an array of exclusive Back Lot Island-themed stuff from the Poptropica Store. And don’t forget, theBack Lot Island Director’s costume will only be in the store for another week.

Become a Member today and get the full Back Lot Island experience!

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~Mighty Drummer

New Blog!

Hello,fellow Poptropicans!I’m Mighty Drummer from the Poptropica Secrets Forum.Call me MD for short.

So I’ll be posting about Poptropica and its newest news about islands and stuff.And there’s walkthroughs I’ll be posting and costumes,which is kinda my profession.Note that this blog is only for Poptropica,and I will post NOTHING about myself unless it’s really really important.

So may this first post lead to victory!Stay tuned and visit everyday for cheats,costumes,and more!